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Welcome to Centrestage Malta. Welcome to our hub where our imagination gives us light and helps us to grow.

This is where education and theatre come together.  Performing arts is not only given importance on stage but also in ones lives.  Speech is not only important to deliver lines of a script but also to address a group of people socially.


Centrestage gives incentives to students and let give confidence a boost. We let our students be as creative as possible during workshops and acivities and let them brainstorm on various discussions that relate both to theatre and life.  Theatre knowledge is crucial during our sessions and therefore lots of information and theatre history is specified.


We are one big family and each and every individual matters.  We care for the students well being and health. 


School of Performing Arts

Centrestage Malta - School of Performing Arts

Centrestage Malta is a performing arts school which knows its basis in musical theatre. It started off in Summer 2010 during a Musical Theatre workshop led by Tiziana Calleja. The workshop ended with a performance showcasing musical hits, entitled ‘GLEE!’ This first performance was a success and gave initiative to the group to look beyond that point and take their skills a step forward.


From then on, Centrestage came into action. Workshops are regularly held between the group itself so as to strengthen performing skills. Working on stamina, breathing, voice, ear training and rehearsing with fast pace proves the groups’ abilities and dedication. Hard work and concentration is required, and despite the fact that all members have different lifestyles; with some still being students, and others having full-time jobs to attend to; Centrestage has been kept going by the new opportunities which arise from time to time.


Amongst the many performances and events which the group have been invited to perform, one may find Cabaret Shows, Carol Singing in various local hotels and at the Malta International Airport, and performing in local activities and concerts on a national basis. Centrestage members also participated regularly in a live TV programme back in 2012, where the group performed one number from a musical every week throughout the show’s run time.


In 2012, various members from Centrestage sat for the Trinity College examinations in Musical Theatre, achieving satisfying high marks. This continued to build the bond between the members. A key factor between the group is in fact this particular bond which allows them to regard each other not as co-workers, but as very close friends, and this is greatly evident in their confidence when performing as a group.


Centrestage began to establish itself more as a company of performers which are now called the Centrestage Troupe. ‘A Musical Dine’ (2014) and ‘A Musical Dine 2’ (2015) were held to showcase some of the best hits from musicals in Broadway and the West End, accompanying a gala dinner. ‘In Stitches’ was also another event showcasing an evening of comical numbers from hit musicals, accompanied by live music. Both performances proved the group’s wide range of diverse abilities. In 2015, Centrestage members were also invited to perform for Her Excellency the President of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, at the Flame of Peace Ceremony at the San Anton Gardens.


By then, Centrestage Troupe kept organizing its yearly events such as 'Cocktails and Cabaret' (2016) which was also a mix of best hits from musicals. On the other hand, ‘Lollipop' (2017) and 'Rum and Rock n’ Roll (2019)’ were both shows showcased a series of songs from the 1940s during the World War II.


Nowadays, Centrestage Malta has various courses for different age groups, such as; adults, teens and children drama clubs as much as one to one singing sessions and vocal courses. Centrestage is also giving the opportunity to its students to take part in performances abroad including Her Majesty’s Theatre in London. 2019 was quite a busy and successful year for Centrestage but now we are looking forward to see what 2020 has in store for Centrestage Malta.

Centrestage Performances

Centrestage Performances



Carol Singing





Europa Donna



A Musical Dine

In Stitches



A Musical Dine 2


Performed for Her Excellency Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, at the Flame of Peace Ceremony at San Anton Gardens



Cocktails and Cabaret


U2 Live



Fil-Ħanut tal-Pupi


West End London Workshops

Fil-Hemda tal-Lejl - Kitba ta' Paul Ellul


Il-Vuċi li ma Tinstemax

Is-Sinjura Klaws - Ktieb ta' Clare Azzopardi - Script ta' Genevieve Darmanin



Rum and Rock n’ Roll

Performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London

West End London Workshops

Christmas Hope 

Minn ġot-Taġen għal ġon-Nar - Kitba ta' Trevor Zahra


Passi mill-Kuritur - Kitba ta' Lon Kirkop

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